Welcome to the Blog


I don’t know how you found this place but welcome!

I’m writing this blog to provide a road map to acquiring new skills which can be applied professionally.  Specifically I’m going to be talking about Computer Programming.

Note the use of the word “professionally” (i.e. paid). New skills, particularly, it seems, computer programming, can be learned at any level.  You can learn something just enough to perform a task such as building a garage sale website to sell your old stuff. Or enough to pass a class like that required Fortran class (yes, I’m that old) for your engineering degree. Or you can learn it well enough to do it as well as somebody that has acquired credentials and is paid to apply their knowledge (i.e. professional)

In this blog I’ll give an overview of how I obtained the skills and credentials in Java programming for the purpose of becoming a professional developer/software engineer/programmer.  I’ll address some of the difficulties of learning new skills, at a deep enough level, while juggling all of life’s obligations.

For those of you that share my life circumstances (me) you know that your most precious resource is time.  Hopefully I can help out with some time management ideas that you can use.  My goal is that you will be able to take pieces of my story and use them to write your own story.

Thanks for reading


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